Wendy Williams’ ex-financial adviser sees signs of exploitation amid her ongoing health struggles

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In a letter sent to a judge in response to Wendy’s request to unfreeze her bank account, Wells Fargo cites Lori Schiller’s claim that the TV host’s friends warned her about leeches financially exploiting the sick star.

AceShowbiz – Wells Fargo argues in favor of its decision to freeze wendy williams‘ assets. Following the ailing TV host’s motion for a New York court to restore her access to a bank account containing ‘multi-million dollars’, Wells Fargo tells a judge they have reason to believe Wendy is an “incapable person” who needs guardianship.

In a letter sent by Wells Fargo attorney David H. Pikus to Judge Arlene Bluth on Thursday, Feb. 10, David said the bank was “concerned” about the financial situation of Wendy, his former financial adviser. Lori Schiller having “recently witnessed signs of exploitation”. , including [Wendy’s] his own apprehensions” about the people around him.

“To summarize without disclosing too much on the public record, Wells Fargo has strong reason to believe that [Williams] is the victim of undue influence and financial abuse,” the letter said. It added that the decision was made not only based on Lori’s statement, but also because Williams’ friends called them.

“Wells Fargo relies not only on reports from the financial adviser, who has recently witnessed tell-tale signs of exploitation, including the petitioner’s own apprehensions, but also on other independent third parties who know [Williams] well and share those concerns,” the bank argued.

Well Fargo has asked the court to set a date for a hearing to determine if Wendy needs a professional to intervene in her cases. “We hope that the guardianship party [of the court] will shortly appoint a temporary tutor or assessor to review the situation and ensure that [Williams’] business is being properly managed,” they said in the letter.

Wendy’s attorney, Celeste N. McCaw, however, said in a letter that Wendy “denies that she was the victim of undue influence and financial abuse.” Celeste went on to say that Wendy fired Lori as a consultant due to alleged “wrongdoing” involving her accounts as well as “inappropriate conduct in relation to their professional relationship”.

Wendy filed a petition on Feb. 4, asking for her account to be restored while she resolves her dispute with Wells Fargo through arbitration. The 57-year-old host said: “I have visited various Wells Fargo branches in the South Florida area in an effort to resolve this matter outside of the courtroom. To date, I have submitted and made over a dozen claims regarding financial damages resulting from Wells Fargo’s decision to unlawfully deny me access to my accounts.”

She went on to say, “Due to my inability to access my financial assets, I have defaulted and may default on several billing and financial obligations, including but not limited to mortgage payments. and employee pay.”

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