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What is a Financial Advisor?

What is a Financial Advisor? A financial advisor is someone who helps clients assess their finances and develop a plan to achieve their financial goals. To help their customers, financial advisors can provide a variety of services, from creating a holistic financial plan to determining which investments to buy or even managing those investments for […]

CornerCap Adds Financial Advisor Ian Clemens to its Growing Team | News

ATLANTE, January 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CornerCap Wealth Advisors today announced the addition of Ian Clemens to the growing team of the financial services company. As the company’s newest wealth management strategist, Ian Clemens focuses on the Xennial microgeneration, whose members are now reaching key financial milestones in their lifetime. Xennials are the micro-generation at […]

What does a financial adviser do?

Prospective students and working professionals may be intrigued by what a financial advisor does for a living. These industry professionals use their expertise in tax and investments, real estate and insurance to recommend financial plans to individuals. Financial advisors assess a client’s assets, cash flows, and liabilities as well as their tax status and insurance […]

Financial advisor Richard M. Spencer loses viral value

Leading financial services provider Spencer Financial Group receives rave reviews following publication of viral video on tax savings for entrepreneurs The Spencer Financial Group team, led by forward-thinking and passionate financial expert Richard M. Spencer, is not slowing down in their quest to help as many people as possible achieve their various financial goals as […]

How to select a financial advisor

With a New Year comes a chance to reassess your financial goals. And if you need help on the right course to reach those goals, a financial advisor can help. Choosing a trusted financial advisor is like hiring someone to work for you – it’s best to have a sense of who they are and […]

Who needs a financial advisor when the markets are on the rise?

LLike many others, I am drawn to “comeback” stories. So it’s no surprise that the story of the world’s rarest and oldest dog has stuck with me. For over 50 years, the New Guinea Mountain Wild Dog was believed to be extinct. But in the 2010s, a few reported sightings led researchers to take blood […]

Financial Advisor’s 2022 Forecast: U.S. Equities Up, But Back to Earth

DELRAY BEACH, Florida – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – According to InspereX’s latest survey of 260 financial advisers, only 5% of advisers expect a repeat of 2021 with the stock market rising 20% ​​or more. The majority (54%) expect the equity market to rise 10% in 2022. 28% said they expect the market to be flat, while […]

Huron Plainsman | Longtime Huron Financial Advisor Announces Retirement

HURON – Longime Ameriprise Financial Services Advisor Marla Starr has announced her retirement from the company after serving families in the Huron area for 26 years.Starr is part of Legacy Financial Partners, a private wealth management consultancy firm of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC. “Helping families in and around Huron reach their financial goals – then […]

Do you need a financial advisor before the end of the year? Here’s how to know for sure

Think you need a financial advisor or financial planner? Deciding whether or not to add a financial advisor to your “team” can depend on a variety of reasons, both personal and practical. The end of the year might be a good time to search for your new team member. In a CNBC and Acorns Invest […]

Why You Should Ask Your Financial Professional About Fees

As a financial professional, I know there are many different ways to compensate investment advisors. With the different fee structures, the question I always encourage my clients to ask is: are the costs fair, reasonable, transparent, and do they help improve their long-term investment results? With this in mind, I encourage people to be courageous […]

Comparison between financial planner and financial advisor

Consumers are presented with a wide range of financial professionals, all of whom may be vying for their business. “Financial Advisor” and “Financial Planner” are popular titles for people who help consumers manage their money. Every financial planner is also a type of financial advisor, but not every financial advisor is a financial planner. There […]

IQ Financial Advisor – Content page

LPL Financial says a team of advisors have joined their employee advisor model since Wells fargo, where they had $ 745 million in client assets. Al winget, Rob benton, and Andrew Robson are affiliated with Linsco by LPL Financial in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they will be the primary tenants of that office, according to […]

How to become a financial advisor

If you are wondering what to do with a living, you might want to become a financial advisor. Being smart with money is more important than ever these days. Many people have lost their jobs and businesses, and they still struggle with the effects of COVID on their lives. This is where you can fill […]

Local financial advisor Sam Solgan receives first major certification dedicated to sustainable investing

Sam Solgan, LPL Financial Advisor with Bay Federal Credit Union Investment Services, has always been passionate about helping the environment and supporting social causes close to his heart. After ten years as a Chartered Financial Advisor, he found a professional designation dedicated to aligning that passion with helping clients achieve their dreams of making an […]

How to find a socially responsible financial advisor

These days, becoming an ESG investor has never been easier. With a growing number of financial products focusing on environmental, social and governance issues, many investors are unsure which one best suits their needs. To help with this, some investors may consider financial advisers who can focus on ESG and provide investment ideas that closely […]

What is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)? – Councilor Forbes

Editorial Note: Forbes Advisor may earn a commission on sales made from partner links on this page, but this does not affect the opinions or ratings of our editors. CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst, a professional designation bestowed by the CFA Institute to applicants with proven skills in investment analysis and wealth management. Think […]

Welcome to LPL Financial Professional Wealth Advisors

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, December 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – LPL Financial LLC (Nasdaq: LPLA), a leading retail investment advisory firm, independent brokerage and custodian of registered investment advisor (RIA), announced today that financial advisor Bryan Schneider has joined LPL Financial’s broker-dealer and corporate RIA platforms, leveraging LPL as a custodian. He said he has served […]

Welcome to LPL Financial Professional Wealth Advisors

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, December 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – LPL Financial LLC (Nasdaq: LPLA), a leading retail investment advisory firm, independent brokerage and registered investment adviser (RIA) custodian , announced today that financial advisor Bryan Schneider has joined LPL Financial’s broker-dealer and corporate RIA platforms, leveraging LPL as a custodian. He said he has served […]

Work With A Financial Professional – Why Not Go It Alone?

If you’re looking to improve your financial situation, whether it’s saving more now, investing more for the future, or gaining flexibility along the way, you have several choices.You can do it yourself, navigating the intricacies of investing and insuring yourself. You can ask a friend or family member (probably one who has always been “good […]

Career of the Century: Financial Analyst

If the previous century belonged to engineers, we can argue that the current one will be governed by financial professionals. We are talking about jobs and careers. Three decades ago, a finance degree meant chartered accountant or MCom; career choices would be accounting or auditing work. Today the scenario is different. While accounting and auditing […]

10 reasons why it’s best to work with a financial professional

It is important to know the financial planning process, changes in tax laws and the business cycle. That’s why you hire an advisor. (Photo: Shutterstock ( Everyone wants to cut out the middleman and buy straight from the source. It can get very scary for finance professionals. Who no longer uses a travel agency? (FYI: […]

Rutledge Financial Professional, Quality, Trusted advisors

Rutledge Financial Partners, LLC, has been in business at Matthews for three years. As a small and growing financial company, it is committed to helping clients with creative solutions to achieve their financial and retirement goals. The key is for your financial advisor to understand your risk tolerance, your time frame, your horizons, and your […]

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