Real Estate and Financial Professional Services Framework 2022 to 2026 – Batch 2 Financial Advisory Services – Scope of Services

In relation to land and real estate owned, to be acquired or invested (through third parties) by Homes England and other public bodies including but not limited to; residential, commercial and industrial real estate, healthcare, leisure and retail real estate, agricultural and mixed real estate.

An overview of the financial advisory services we seek to support our land, real estate and investment activities include:

The scope of services

  1. Financial advice for companies
  2. Due diligence
  3. Capital structure analysis
  4. Financial modeling
  5. Market assessment
  6. Tax and accounting services
  7. Audit and certification services
  8. Advice and assistance to counterparties
  9. Restructuring and insolvency advice and services
  10. Environmental, social and governance advice
  11. General services

1: Financial advice for companies

1.1: Provide financial advice to businesses, including strategic, business and financial analysis of investments and projects, available options and potential scenarios.

2: Due diligence

2.1: Provide financial and operational due diligence and assessment of key stakeholders, processes and structures relating to Homes England investment projects.

3: Capital structure analysis

3.1: Provide capital structure analysis and advice on structuring any investment.

4: Financial modeling

4.1: Develop, review, verify and/or provide evaluation of financial and project-specific models. Including the creation of bespoke financial models to support residence-led joint ventures and single/multiple development projects.

5: Market assessment

5.1: Provide an assessment and testing of current market and participant conditions, including the ability, capacity and appetite of private investors to lend or invest in the housing sector.

6: Tax and accounting services

6.1: Provide tax and accounting advice in relation to existing and new Homes England investment projects.

seven: Audit and certification services

7.1: Provide audit and assurance services in relation to existing and new Home England investment projects.

8: Advice and assistance to counterparties

8.1: Provide advice and assistance in meetings and negotiations with counterparties and their professional advisers.

9: Restructuring and insolvency advice and services

9.1: Provide restructuring and insolvency advice and services with respect to distressed and defaulting investments, including analysis of strategic options, risk assessments and assessments of estimated results.

ten: Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) tips

10.1: Review and provide advice regarding the design and ESG investment characteristics.

11: General services

11.1: Prepare calendars of events, liaise with other parties, and handle project management to “operationalize” new ventures.

11.2: Provide training and skills to Homes England staff (e.g. emerging environmental, social and corporate governance measures/sustainability, digital adoption and transformation).


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