Pledged loans I didn’t get a bank loan check

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Guaranteed loans I have a loan from a bank, check with us

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Private loans against real estate and loans against housing

Private loans against real estate and loans against housing

Namely non-bank loans. On average, the money goes to the contractor’s account within 3 days from the moment of accepting the application. Loans against housing on your account up to 15 minutes from the date we receive the signed documents.

The form of the loan agreement as well as its provisions are entirely based on principles consistent with the civil law code. We provide loans for the repayment of existing declarations: bailiffs, debt collection, social security, tax and private, as well as loans for leading business operations.

We pay loans in amounts from ten. PLN 000 to fifty

PLN 1,000 for security on the car and PLN 50,000 to PLN 1,000,000 for security through a flat or house. The borrower may subsidize his venture or get rid of debts arising from the obligation to pay in the Social Security Institution or the Tax Office.

We provide Private Loans for Real Estate for a large group of recipients. Representative formula for a mortgage loan granted for 12 months in the amount of PLN 50,000.00. We analyze your situation and select the most advantageous product, simultaneously offering the best possible conditions.

Then we will send the draft loan agreement to the mortgage, but after its approval we will set a date for its finalization. The basic element is also the amount of time you will need to obtain the complete documentation.

If you need money, we always stay at your power – our private real estate loans are an offer for real estate owners who need hasty cash injection.

A consolidation loan

A consolidation loan

Namely if you have a debt restructuring plan, our professional company is able to help you consolidate your debt by hedging your mortgage.

Non-bank loans secured with real estate are targeted at people and companies that have been hit in a difficult financial situation. Indebtedness for increasing value – a loan against houses and houses most often for sale, outlays can be used to refresh the property and renovate.

A non-bank loan has a very high grant. Thanks to our loan assortment, you can pay off all your debts and liabilities that disrupt the financial order of your business.

A mortgage loan or overdraft consists in granting financing secured by a limited property right, which seems to be a mortgage, established in category IV of the land and mortgage register of a specific real estate.

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