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Merrill Lynch created a new position of Vice-President which will be occupied by Jeff Markham.

Markham will work with advisors and field leaders to strengthen client relationships and, if needed, provide additional support to senior management, according to Merrill.

He will also lead Merrill’s Community Markets program, designed to add resources and hires to previously underserved markets, according to a company spokesperson.

Markham most recently served as division manager for the company’s western division, a position he had held since 2017, and has held numerous leadership positions in the region, according to Merrill. He began his career at Merrill in 1987 as an advisor.

Merrill is dividing its Western division into two divisions: Pacific Coast, which will be led by Eric Schimpfand Mountain Pacific, led by Anthony DiBlasi.

The Pacific Coast division includes the California, Nevada and Hawaii markets, while the Mountain Pacific division extends from the Pacific Northwest through the mountain states to Minnesota.

Schimpf has provided leadership for Merrill’s advisor development program and will continue to serve in that role, Merrill said. Schimpf currently heads Merrill’s advisors division and was previously director of the firm’s Southeast Division. Schimpf has held local and regional leadership positions across the country and joined Merrill in 1994 as an advisor.

DiBlasi currently serves as senior market manager for the West Los Angeles market and previously served as market manager for the Greater Los Angeles, Evergreen and Nevada markets, Merrill said. He has been with Merrill for over 24 years and was an advisor for the first 10 years.

After 27 years at Merrill, director of the southern division of Texas Mountain Carol Wenz is retiring and will be replaced by Deborah BergerMerrill said.

Most recently, Shepherd was senior market manager for the Charlotte, North Carolina market, and prior to that he was market manager for the Short Hills, New Jersey market, Merrill said. Shepherd has held local and regional leadership positions across the country and joined Merrill in 1990 as a financial consultant.

Kenneth CorreaMerrill’s national director of business development, will lead the recruitment of advisors in addition to his current responsibilities, according to Merrill.

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