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The head of UBS Wealth Management USA took LinkedIn to congratulate a longtime UBS financial advisor on making his millionth cold call.

“When I first met Jonathan Bottema CFA in 1998, he was in a small room in Wayzata, MN with a phone diligently calling prospects to start a business,” Jason Chandler wrote last week. “Today he surpassed One Million Cold Calls. A shining example of hard work and determination – hallmarks of his character.

Bottema has been at UBS for his entire career in the financial services industry, according to BrokerCheck.

Christopher Watkinswho is listed as a managing director and financial adviser at UBS in Minneapolis, joined Chandler in congratulating Bottema, writing that it’s “crazy cool to take such a big step.”

“Take a few days off to celebrate and get back to that phone????” Watkins wrote.

Chandler’s post garnered 24 comments, ranging from “WOW!!!” to “who said cold calling is dead?” and four shares from Friday.

One of the commentators calculated what it took daily for Bottema to cross the threshold, assuming however 20 years instead of 24: 207 calls per day, or nearly 25 per hour.

It’s unclear how much Bottema oversees in client assets.

Some financial advisers who give advice to those new to the industry still recommend cold calling — along with mailings, networking at trade events, and playing golf — as a way to get into the business. .

On the other hand, Merrill Lynch banned cold calling altogether in its counselor training program this time last year, as reported.

Chandler’s LinkedIn post was first reported by AdvisorHub.

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