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LPL Financial said to have attracted an experienced financial adviser from Morgan Stanley.

Cedar Rapids, based in Iowa Lisa Tesara second-generation consultant who followed her father into the industry, joined Linsco by LPLthe company employee advisor model, Tesar Group Financial and Investment Planning by LPL Financialaccording to LPL.

Tesar oversees about $260 million in advisory, brokerage and pension plan assets, serving mostly affluent senior clients, according to LPL.

She is joined by Julie Reganassociated with customer service, and possibly considering bringing in her son, according to the firm.

Tesar’s family counseling business dates back to 1936, according to LPL. She started her own career in the financial services industry in 1999 and worked at Securities Corp. from iowa, Wells Fargo and RBC Capital Markets before joining Morgan Stanley in 2012, according to BrokerCheck.

Tesar’s team decided to move to LPL while looking for “a new partner that gives them the freedom to make their own decisions,” according to the firm.

“We were particularly attracted to the Linsco model, which allows us to do everything we could do in a large regional company, but comes with individualized support and resources,” Tesar said in a statement.

Spear as of August 2020, Linsco is providing administrative and marketing services, including access to an in-branch support team, property sourcing and website development, with individual advisors retaining the ability to make day-to-day decisions in branding and operation.

Morgan Stanley also lost a Linsco adviser in December. Linsco has also attracted several advisors from Wells Fargo.

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