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The Covid-19 pandemic appears to have made female investors more proactive when it comes to their finances – as well as being cooler than their male counterparts, according to a recent survey.

Faced with a financial crisis, only 8% of women liquidated their retirement accounts, compared to 15% of men who did, At national scale found in a survey conducted from July 22 to August 17, 2021 among 839 investors aged 18 and over.

Female investors are worried about the future: 70% of women surveyed said they were worried about a possible recession in the United States over the next 12 months, while 56% expected a rise in market volatility, according to the survey.

But women also took matters into their own hands to ensure they are prepared: 83% of women have a strategy for generating retirement income, 73% plan to invest more actively in the next 12 months, 72 % already have a strategy to make sure they don’t. t outlive their savings and 59% have a strategy to protect their assets against market risk, Nationwide finds.

Financial advisers may be able to attract such forward-looking clients: only 64% of women work with a financial professional, according to the survey.

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