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Cetera Financial says an investor acquisition program used by just over 100 of the company’s advisers is now available across its network.

The program, LeadEngine, is designed to generate leads for its advisors across the United States, Cetera explains.

This year, LeadEngine converted more than $ 20 million in assets for advisors currently in the program, with an additional $ 75 million in the pipeline, according to the company. Participants are eligible for reimbursement of their investment in the program, the company notes, without giving details of the investment.

LeadEngine is built by SmartAsset, the largest lead generation platform for financial professionals with an audience of 75 million consumers each month, according to Cetera.

Cetera says he has been testing various programs with SmartAsset since 2019. Cetera notes that advisors who use SmartAsset beat the benchmark 5% lead-to-client conversion rate.

One of the program’s features, Live Connections, transfers phone calls to advisers with interested potential clients online, according to the CEO of SmartAsset. Michel carvin. It saves advisors time by “removing the burden of prospecting for investors,” he said.

LeadEngine Builds On Cetera’s Affiliate Relationship With Its Advisors, Says Marketing And Communications Director Michael zuna. The firm also offers advisers best practice guides in partnership with SmartAsset, which cover email outreach, lead nurturing and text messaging through a program called MyRepChat.

“Our goal is to help advisors be successful in all aspects of their business, and we are delighted to deliver a strong investor acquisition program that offers much more value than an affiliate relationship,” said Zuna said in a statement.

“From identifying qualified prospects to converting them into customers… LeadEngine provides a comprehensive, thoughtful and strategic approach to organic growth,” he added.

Additionally, advisers have access to out-of-the-box email sequences through Cetera’s marketing platform, which they can customize, the firm notes.

Cetera states that one of his advisers, Michael argiro, thanks LeadEngine for helping them add three new clients and over $ 1 million in assets, with an additional transition of $ 1.5 million, within four months. Argiro is based in Wallingford, Connecticut and has worked for Cetera since 2011, according to his BrokerCheck save.

Cetera has made an effort to improve its digital tools in recent months. At its Connect21 conference in September, the company unveiled Growth360, a program that allows advisors to enter information about their practice and then benchmark it against the top performing companies in the company, along with tips on how to fill the gap.

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