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FA-IQ contacted the advisors to ask them: What challenges have you overcome – or are you still overcoming – in the male-dominated consulting industry?

Helene Andréoli, CFO and founding partner of Large Diamond The partners. Andreoli, based in Portland, Maine, has been in the industry for 21 years and has $ 650 million in client assets.

“The gender challenges of the financial services industry are absolutely real, but not insurmountable.

As a woman, you will find that resources could be diverted to your male counterparts. For example, wholesalers who went door to door discussing new products and offering marketing support would often walk past my desk and go to the next office occupied by men. Several asked me when the advisor would be back in the office, assuming I was the assistant.

Socially, you might not be included in the happy hour that all men attend.

Fortunately, these are not things you need to be successful. Although frustrating at first, as you build your business and enjoy the rewards of a fulfilling career, you will find it was worth it.

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