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BOCA RATON, Florida, 22 December 2021 / PRNewswire / – Craig kirsner, MBA, President of Stuart Estate Planning Wealth Advisors has published his latest book, “RETIRE STRONG: Preserve and Help Protect Your Wealth and Leave a Legacy.” Kirsner has drawn on his more than 27 years of experience guiding clients to give readers a clear idea of ​​how to help them meet their retirement goals and leave a financial legacy.

Kirsner guides readers through retirement and estate planning strategies using real-world examples. Topics include: Why Hire a Financial Professional and Seven Golden Rules for Investing and Advanced Estate Planning.

“For me, helping to protect clients’ wealth is my top priority,” Kirsner said. “Our team creates plans that help our clients take less risk while building their wealth.”

The book also includes an introduction by Kirsner’s father, Stuart Estate Planning Founder Stuart kirsner.

“Craig will help you identify common but potentially costly mistakes in retirement planning” Stuart kirsner noted. “Every day people like you, people who have worked hard and carefully saved for their retirement, make reckless decisions that could ultimately shatter their retirement nest egg. All of this is preventable with careful planning.”

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