Finance Professional Seeks Membership of Local Whau Council

Aadil Basha near a billboard being set up in the local council area of ​​Whau (From Facebook)

Venkat Raman
Auckland, August 8, 2022

A finance professional, with deep-rooted family values ​​and a keen spirit of social and community service, is seeking membership on the local Whau Council in West Auckland.

Aadil Basha, known for his mild and affable manner, is running as the Labor Party candidate in the borough which includes New Windsor, Blockhouse Bay, Glenavon, Avondale, New Lynn, Green Bay, Kelston, Glendene and Rosebank.

“As a businessman raising a young family, I want to serve Whau who has given me a fantastic home, career and community. Now I would like to give back to the community and work towards a better future for our growing generations,” he said.

Promote the Whau region

Mr Basha is currently a member of the Whau River Catchment Trust, Waitakere Ethnic Board and a member of the Auckland Interfaith Council.

He said he would like to be the positive voice of the local community and work towards his brighter future as a member of the Labor team. Passionate about more green spaces and a healthy environment, the development of the youngest, he works to improve social cohesion and a safer neighborhood.

“As a member of the Waitakere Ethnic Council, I am proud to work with diverse ethnic communities to build a stronger and more diverse West Auckland. The environment is close to my heart and being on the board of the Whau River Catchment Trust has given me the opportunity to help plant thousands of trees in the area and help keep the Whau River clean . My upbringing as well as my work with the Auckland Interfaith Council has taught me how beautifully connected we are, how important it is to recognize and celebrate the potential of our community and harness the goodwill and development through social cohesion,” he said.

Mr. Basha said he will promote diversity through arts, food and cultural festivals, champion the protection of parks and keep our waterways clean.

“I will encourage and support our local sports clubs to thrive for our young people and play a central role in bringing our communities together. I believe the West is best and I want to be a catalyst in making Whau the best neighborhood of Auckland,” he said.

About Aadil Basha

Born in India, Aadil Basha had a working experience in Dubai making him a global citizen serving diverse communities with their varied aspirations and vicissitudes. Married with three children, he calls Blockhouse Bay his home and, as a well-established young man, he believes he is ready for public office.

The Rotary movement was a big motivator, he said.

Giving back to the Whau community: Aadil Basha (photo provided)

“Rotary has given me the opportunity to work with young members of society and this commitment has inspired me to empower them. Youth unemployment in the Whau district is above the national average and I am determined to solve this problem,” Mr. Basha said.

As a volunteer on the team that helped restore Meola Creek, he cares about protecting the environment.

“It is great to see Meola Creek restored to its splendor. Now I would like to make our parks, creeks and Whau even more beautiful for our future generations. Safety is of the utmost importance and therefore I wish promoting safe neighborhood programs for my neighborhood, installing better and more street lights, and supporting and promoting street barbecues and block parties. My dream is to build and establish my neighborhood as one of the safest in the country,” did he declare.

Promote vegetation

Mr Basha said if elected, he would introduce fruit and vegetables to public open spaces and community gardens, work with local schools for volunteers and encourage young people to get involved in such schemes.

“I would also plant more trees, encourage energy and water conservation measures and provide incentives for innovation. I will work with companies in several areas, including helping unemployed people find jobs. I will also discover the reasons why young people drop out of school. I will focus on programs that will enable them to learn skills and trade,” Basha said.

His business acumen, coupled with a background in finance, makes him skilled in managing public funds and using them for issues that are on the priority list.

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