Cougar Cup: Presented by the Prudential Finance Professionals Internship Program

Cougar Cup
CHAMPION 2020-2021:
Women’s football

The Cougar Cup Challenge is played by all college sports teams at SIUE. Student-athletes representing their teams will compete against other teams to earn points in three different categories. The competition focuses on developing leadership skills, teamwork, supporting other athletes and academic achievement.

Here are the three ways to earn points:

# 1 – Athletes who support athletes

Athletes Supporting Athletes is a great way to bring the whole department together and promote fair play throughout the league. Student-athletes can earn points for their teams by participating in home and away competitions and / or by winning the OVC Sportsmanship award.

# 2 – SAAC involvement

Student-athletes can earn points for their teams as officers, attending monthly SAAC meetings and participating in SAAC sponsored events. The representation of each team at SAAC meetings promotes better communication between the teams, administration and the community of Edwardsville.

# 3 – Team Weighted Average / Dean’s List

Academics are of the utmost importance at SIUE! Our teams are continually winning in the classroom, a feat that does not go unnoticed! Teams earn points for achieving academic accolades such as the Dean’s List or the team’s best GPA.

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