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Elizabeth Yambem quit a posh financial job in London to create incredible tea blends at Mani-Edexlive

Child, every time Elizabeth yambem had the curious case of sniffles, all she had to do was pluck a handful of Nong-mang-kha leaves growing in abundance around her hometown Imphal and deliver them to her mother. Darling mum would continue to boil said leaves in water for full steam inhalation therapy. Then there was the […]

Investigation reveals financial situation of COVID-19 and impacts on employment of education workers

A new study sheds light on the feelings of public sector employees, including those in education and transportation, about the novel coronavirus pandemic and how it is affecting their jobs, financial well-being and safety. The Center for State & Local Government Excellence (SLGE) published: “Opinion of Public Sector Employees on Finances and Employment Outlook Due […]

India speeds up recruitment of military veterans into administrative and financial positions

India is gaining momentum hiring veterans through administrative roles. The American multinationals – Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo – respectively hired 41 and 17 veterans. According to the TOI report, India is expected to employ 150,000 ex-combatants. Drawing inspiration from the United States, India is accelerating the recruitment of veterans, creating a pool of jobs for […]

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