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MCS AlumKnight Now Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs | Way of life

MOUNT Carmel School Class of 2016 Salvationian Cathryn Jane Javier is now a Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management in Irvine, California. A math scholar at Mount Carmel School, Javier was selected in 2016 as chancellor of Chapman University and graduated magna cum laude from the university in 2019. She studied business […]

There are too many good things you can do, according to financial analyst study on work-life balance

Credit: Unsplash / CC0 public domain Last winter, Goldman Sachs reported that a group of junior analysts were working to improve the situation after rebelling against 100 hours of work per week. That’s wise and suggests a new study from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. Diligent analysts, based on workplace reviews of […]

Financial analyst vs investment banker

Financial analyst vs. investment banker: an overview Financial analysts and investment bankers conjure up images of well-dressed businessmen, and college graduates look for these jobs. Despite all their similarities, these are two very different career paths and are suitable for very different types of individuals. Key points to remember Financial analysts and investment bankers are […]

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