A good intelligence strategy underpins the advice of the financial professional, MDRT members say

A true leader sees what needs to be done because he cares. And then they step up and take action to accomplish what needs to be done.

But an intelligence-driven leader goes even further. They use this intelligence to develop a strategy to move from the known to the unknown in order to win.

Rodger N. Harding, Business Transition Consultant at Canada Life, provided his perspective on business intelligence and advisor strategies at Monday’s portion of the Million Dollar Virtual Annual Meeting Round Table.

Intelligence is the science of what might happen in the future, Harding said. Intelligence gathering is about seeing what others have missed and helps deal with uncertainty. Business intelligence involves answering the following questions:

  • What is the finish?
  • What is safe?
  • What is probable?
  • What is random?

An intelligence-driven leader, he said, has the following characteristics:

  • Visionary. See what to do.
  • Proactive. Intervenes in a timely manner to take action.
  • Clever. Evolve a solution alone or in collaboration.
  • Realistic. Sell ​​the solution.
  • Business knowledge. Run the solution.
  • Resilient. Solve the solution.
  • Delegate. Builds lasting relationships to ensure continuity.

A good intelligence strategy, he said, underpins the value of professional advice. A good intelligence strategy also improves and protects the authenticity, brand and impact of the advisor.

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