A finance professional shares more than a name and a birthday with a famous basketball player

Canton, CT, February 19, 2022 –(PR.com)– Most people recognize the name Michael Jordan when they hear it. This is something Michael T. Jordan learned very early in his life. But he does not only share the name of the famous basketball player. They also share a love of sports and are both high-achieving individuals. And today, as the men celebrate their birthdays (that’s right – they share this too), Jordan adds another similarity to the list – published author.

In his new book, “Mojo Momentum: Creating Motivation for Work, Life, and Your Future in a World of Obstacles,” Jordan explains how:

Generate the momentum you need to easily succeed
Become a good team player by making a positive impression on others
Create growth opportunities where they may not exist
Develop positive habits to help you maintain your momentum
Prioritize your focus to maximize your time and effort

“Read this book with a highlighter or pen in hand to mark nuggets of wisdom. Jordan is successful for a reason,” says Dr. Roger Hall, corporate psychologist and author of the book Staying Happy, Being Productive, “Mojo Momentum gives you insight into what got him there.

Regarding the title, Jordan reveals, “Mojo is about authenticity”, something else he shares with the other Michael, “It happens when you allow what you appreciate to be the catalyst of your drive, the force behind your momentum.”

Mojo Momentum, published by Aloha Publishing, is available now on Amazon.

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