Month: June 2020

5 questions to ask before hiring a finance professional

You’ve saved, contributed to your employment savings plan, and even invested for your retirement, and now you’ve decided you need help. Or, more help. Or better help. Where to start ? There are countless financial professionals out there, referring to themselves by different titles, listing various licenses and affiliations, and offering awe-inspiring claims for peace […]

Investigation reveals financial situation of COVID-19 and impacts on employment of education workers

A new study sheds light on the feelings of public sector employees, including those in education and transportation, about the novel coronavirus pandemic and how it is affecting their jobs, financial well-being and safety. The Center for State & Local Government Excellence (SLGE) published: “Opinion of Public Sector Employees on Finances and Employment Outlook Due […]

Free 360 ​​employees while providing them with financial, professional, medical and emotional support

In a note to employees yesterday, Grab CEO and co-founder Anthony Tan announced that the company would lay off around 360 Grabbers (employees), or just under 5% of its workforce. Affected staff were notified by email yesterday at 1 p.m. with advice on next steps. Those who did not receive the email will keep their […]

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