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Many people interested in obtaining additional cash want to pay off their liabilities quickly. Therefore, in this case, I do not want to connect with a loan agreement for 12 long months and pay the money back in a much shorter time, e.g. in 3 monthly installments. Today I check for you, in which companies there is such a possibility of quick repayment.

Before you familiarize yourself with the list below

If you have such an opportunity, try to look for such a loan with quick repayment among banks. I know from experience that very few banks offer them but it is available as part of some offers. In my today’s 3-month loan list, only non-bank loan companies.

Good Finance LOANS

The offer of a company that offers both the possibility of quickly providing us with the cash we need as well as its quick repayment. The shortest loan repayment period is just 3 months, loan amounts can range from PLN 800 to even PLN 10,000. Good Finance loans are available to persons from 18 years of age, who have an ID card and no debt in both BIK and debtors’ databases.

Probably the oldest loan offer available on the market

Which in recent years has undergone a real revolution and beyond the standard home option under which the loan was repaid in weekly installments, now it is also possible to repay in monthly installments. Here, too, the minimum repayment period is 3 monthly installments. A novelty in the Provident’s offer is also a product called self-service loan, under which the loan can be obtained entirely online.

One of the faster loans available on the loan market, offering quite large amounts of loans, the amount of which can reach up to PLN 10,000. People who would like to obtain a loan through E-Money must meet certain criteria, i.e. age not less than 21 years and not more than 70 years old and no arrears in repayment of other financial liabilities. The shortest loan repayment period available is, like the previous ones, a 3-month period.

For those interested in quick loan repayment

For those interested in quick loan repayment

Loan and Credit has an interesting proposition. It allows you to get a loan both with a repayment period in 3 monthly installments, as well as slightly shorter.

The shorter one is the ability to repay the loan within 60 days, using this option as a new customer we have the opportunity to get a loan at promotional costs of only PLN 10. The Wongi loan has been available to people for 18 years.

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